The Birth: A Christmas Poem

Dec 25, 2021

Billions of babies have been born but only once did God take upon Himself human flesh which happened with the birth of Jesus (John 1:1 and 1:14). One day several years ago I sat at my desk and wrote a poem about the most important birth in all of history: the birth of Jesus. The poem has blessed many hearts through the years, and I pray that it will be a blessing to you as well.


The Birth

By Don Manley

What a scene it must have been –
Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem!
The virgin Mary was about to give birth
to Him who would one day be king of the earth.
Then Mary brought forth her firstborn son:
Savior! Messiah! The Chosen One!
Not in a mansion did this birth take place.
This birth was planned for the whole human race.
In a manger they were destined to stay.
Jesus was born midst animals and hay.
What an odd place for the birth of a king,
and what a strange place to hear angels sing.
Now if Hollywood had invented this story
He would have been born among great wealth and glory.
Not in a manger with the beasts of the land,
but perhaps in a castle they would have planned
that earth’s future king should make His debut,
and not for the world…just the “elite” few.
Our wonderful Lord had a lowly birth
To show the people who live on this earth,
That life is more than silver or gold
And the greatest story ever told
Is that God loved the world and sent His Son,
when we believe Him, salvation is won!
Christ came to die on the cross for our sin,
the Bible tells us by faith we can win –
eternal salvation and with Him dwell
in glory and miss the fires of Hell.
The very best gift isn’t under the tree.
It’s God’s gift of Jesus for you and for me.
Let’s all pause a moment and say this brief prayer:
“Precious Lord Jesus, I’m so glad that you care.”

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